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Jill Powell's journey into the world of farm and ranch real estate is deeply rooted in her upbringing and personal experiences, which have shaped her profound connection to the outdoors and rural living. Raised in a small town in northeast Texas, Jill's passion for farming and ranching began with her family's ownership of a 500-acre ranch, fostering a desire to return to the land personally. Despite living in town with a chain-link fence surrounding them, Jill's upbringing instilled in her a longing to reconnect with nature and rural life.

As an adult, Jill immersed herself in the agricultural community, getting to know farmers and ranchers at the Austin farmers' markets and attending farm schools with her kids whenever possible. Her experiences fueled her desire to learn and understand more about farming and ranching, leading her to cultivate her own vegetables and explore various outdoor activities.

One pivotal moment that left a lasting impression on Jill was her trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the age of 17. Surrounded by majestic mountains and crisp, cold air, Jill was captivated by the beauty of the natural landscape, which ultimately influenced her decision to live and work in the Texas Hill Country.

While Jill may not consider herself a pro at outdoor activities, her passion for gardening shines through. She fosters an Instagram community focused on gardening (@a_powerfull_plate), where she shares her love for growing vegetables and connects with fellow homesteaders and farmers.

In her professional journey, Jill's transition from appraising to real estate was motivated by a desire for more social interaction and lifelong learning. Her decision to obtain her real estate license opened doors to new opportunities, allowing her to blend her passion for the outdoors with her career.

Jill's unique background and skills set her apart in the industry. As one of the few certified appraisers covering the Hays and Blanco areas, Jill has garnered significant business and recognition. Her expertise in valuation principles and complex appraisals, coupled with her extensive knowledge of the local market, make her a valuable asset to clients.

Integrating into the local farming and ranching community comes naturally to Jill, given her rural upbringing and involvement in the homesteading and gardening community. She understands the language of rural living and has been actively engaged in various community projects, such as managing a kitchen garden for Treaty Oak Distilling and a donation garden for her church.

Jill's commitment to her work extends beyond professional achievements. She takes pride in identifying opportunities for her clients, such as uncovering under-market properties in west San Marcos and facilitating transactions that benefit her friends and community.

Looking ahead, Jill envisions a future where water conservation efforts play a crucial role in sustainable land management. She remains dedicated to staying educated on important issues affecting property owners and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the farm and ranch real estate industry in the Texas Hill Country.

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