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Welcome to the unparalleled world of Texas hunting leases, where adventure meets conservation. At 1(833) TX-RANCH Real Estate Group, we are thrilled to present exclusive hunting lease opportunities through our esteemed team member, Scott Thrash, President, and Founder of, Inc.


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Established in 1998, has been a trailblazer in connecting thousands of satisfied hunters with top-tier Texas hunting leases. In turn, an equal number of Texas landowners have found responsible and dedicated hunters through our platform. Committed to providing personalized and high-quality customer service, takes pride in its longstanding position as a leader in the Texas Hunting Lease business.


Texas Hunting Leases

With over 20 years of experience and direct involvement in the hunting industry, has become the first statewide source for hunting lease information. This journey has been fueled by a deep understanding of what both hunters and landowners are seeking. Imitation may be flattering, but remains dedicated to staying at the forefront by consistently delivering the best quality and most timely Texas hunting lease information to hunters across the state.

Scott Thrash's Accomplishments

  • Former Hunting & Wildlife Director, Texas State Rifle Association
  • Former Advisory Council Member, Texas Hunters For The Hungry
  • Former Hunting Pro Staff Member, Rocket Aeroheads

Scott Thrash, the driving force behind, personally stands behind each product and service offered. His commitment is reflected in the success of every hunter and landowner associated with As Scott puts it, "Your success is my continual goal."

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Explore the thrill of Texas hunting with the assurance that comes from partnering with a seasoned expert like Scott Thrash. Whether you're a landowner looking for responsible hunters or a hunter seeking the perfect lease, is your trusted source.

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