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In 2002, the Texas A&M Real Estate Center established seven distinct rural land regions to provide a comprehensive understanding of the diverse Texas landscape. This regional breakdown was formulated through a meticulous analysis of countywide historical land market data and insights gathered from regional land experts.

Given the vast size of Texas and the varied nature of its landscapes, the Real Estate Center recognized the need to move beyond a statewide perspective. Unlike states with more uniform rural land characteristics, such as Iowa, Texas features a mosaic of production types influenced by numerous non-agricultural factors. To accurately capture the nuances of the land market, the Real Estate Center opted for a regional approach, allowing for more precise monitoring of trends within each area.

The seven regions were strategically delineated based on countywide assessments of land types, production, and valuable input from regional land experts. This regional focus ensures that discussions about Texas land markets consider the unique characteristics and trends specific to each area.

Today, as we navigate the intricacies of Texas' rural land markets, the division into these seven regions continues to guide us in providing tailored insights and guidance to farm and ranch buyers and sellers. Whether you're buying or selling a Texas ranch, understanding the nuances of the region is key, and our regional breakdown ensures that you receive accurate and relevant information for your specific location.

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