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Stacy Bray's path into real estate reflects her profound connection to nature and dedication to serving others. Raised around horses, Stacy developed a deep appreciation for the land from a young age. Graduating with honors in Geography Regional Planning from Texas State University, Stacy's career trajectory led her to work closely with government agencies and private groups on water-related projects, addressing critical issues facing Texas's natural resources.

Continuing her educational journey, Stacy pursued a Master's Degree in Education from Texas State University's Agricultural Department. Specializing in Real Estate, Wildlife, Water, and Energy education, Stacy honed her expertise in land management and conservation.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Stacy is a proud marine mom, supporting her loved one's service with unwavering pride and dedication. She is also an accomplished author, having penned two books that reflect her passion for the outdoors and sustainable living.

With a family ranch in West Texas known for its abundant wildlife and conservation efforts, Stacy is deeply invested in land stewardship and sustainable practices. Her firsthand experience in managing land, coupled with her academic background, makes her a trusted advisor in the farm and ranch real estate world.

Stacy's commitment to the outdoors, coupled with her dedication to serving her community and supporting her loved ones in the military, underscores her values and shapes her approach to real estate. As an advocate for land conservation and sustainable living, Stacy is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of farm and ranch real estate with integrity and expertise.

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