A Landowner’s Guide to Fence Law in Texas

A Landowner’s Guide to Fence Law in Texas

" The old saying “good fences make good neighbors” still applies
today. But in our view, good neighbors make the best fences. Texas
has thousands of miles of fences. With the vast majority of these
fences located along boundary lines and roadways, disputes do arise.
Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and dead guesses
about fence laws. Who is liable when vehicles on a roadway hit
livestock? What are a landowner’s rights if another person’s livestock
are on his or her property? Who is responsible when it comes to
building and maintaining fences? This book gives landowners and
livestock owners a background on how Texas fence laws originated,
explains the current laws they should know, and details a few
common fence dispute scenarios and solutions."

Download a free workbook: https://agrilife.org/texasaglaw/files/2022/07/Second-Edition-Five-Strands.pdf

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