Selling your Own BEEF! Legal and Economic Considerations for Direct Beef Sales

Selling your Own BEEF! Legal and Economic Considerations for Direct Beef Sales

"Many cattle producers are interested in trying a different
marketing model where they sell their beef directly to the
consumer. Incidentally, many consumers are interested in
purchasing beef directly from the farm. Recent data showed
that nearly 40 percent of United States (US) ranchers
surveyed by AgriWebb’s State of the Global Farmer Survey
indicated they sell at least some of their cattle directly
to consumers.1 However, there are several key legal and
economic issues that must be considered to successfully
develop a direct-to-consumer beef sales business.
This handbook offers an overview of these legal and
economic issues. Specifically, this book will cover:
► Identifying goals
► How beef will be sold
► Finding an intended market
► Slaughter facility selection
► Labeling considerations and marketing claims
► Permitting requirements
► Liability protection
► Other legal considerations
► The cattle cycle and profit by sector
► Recordkeeping
► Enterprise selection, budgeting, and price setting
► Storage, shipping, and inventory management
► Benchmarking and evaluating a new enterprise
► Similar alternatives to direct-to-consumer beef sales
► Risk management options and federal disaster programs
In addition, the authors interviewed several producers
engaging in various types of direct beef sale businesses
in three states, packing plant owners, and state meat
inspectors, all offering “real world” tips and insight.

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